Jakarta as the metropolitan city, which populated by more than 9 million people, has an incredible unique diversity of tribes, languages, cultures, and traditions. As the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta is a truly “Melting Pot” which represents throughout the archipelago.

Jakarta has extraordinarily developed and would be at the tourism forefront in Asia over the next few decades. Amusement park, skyscrapers forest, high fashion shopping centers, finest culinary dining, nightlife and entertainment places, luxurious houses, hotels and apartments, research institutions, well education facilities, and cultural organizations certainly has made Jakarta as one of demanding tourism city. The Capital City is the prominent gateway to the rest of Indonesia. In Jakarta, sophisticated land, air and sea transportions are available to reach the rest of the country.

Welcome to Jakarta – Hopefully this website would certainly assist you to explore more about Jakarta as the tourism city, government center, the world trade center, and as the Capital City of Republic of Indonesia. Jakarta’s reputation is rapidly developed as the “tourism city” as there are many new tourism infrastructures, entertainment centers, and international-class hotels and restaurants. Jakarta also possesses many historical places and cultural heritage. Tourism, one of the service industry, is developed rapidly and owns many opportunities to get developed all the time. Jakarta has a new, elegant Convention Center which can house 3000 people. Jakarta keeps on developing the infrastructures in order to attract the world’s attention to hold some international events. In this way, it is obvious that the government is trying to develop Jakarta equal to other big cities in the world.

No doubt that Jakarta is the main center of Indonesian economy. Either national or international investors are interested in participating in the Indonesian economy activities. The central government recently has determined a set of policy in order to trigger the growth of the Jakarta economy, to perfect the export and investment rules and to simplify the banking rule. The government fully support the private sectors such as the financial support for social and cultural activities. Therefore, the private sectors play an important role in the national government.