Dayak Iban Tribe 5 Days 4 Nights


Day 1  ARRIVAL PUTUSIBAU – LANJAKPick up at the airport Pangsuma, Putusibau (Garuda & Kalstar). Lunch before continuing the trip to Sentarum Lake National Park, Lanjak (3 hours). Arrived at Lanjak, participants will use a speedboat to the Semangit village in the center of the lake. Enjoying sunset and explore the fisher hutment around the village. Dinner and stay at residents house.


Wake up early  to see sunrise and fishing activities on the other side of Lake Sentarum. You will down along labyrinth forest that grow above the lake. Hunting pictures of the Lake Sentarum landscape. Back to the village for lunch. After lunch, continuing programme to visit Pelaik village river and see long houses of Dayak Iban tribe and their life. Overnights stay and enjoy to take some pictures of beautiful sunsetwill.


Back to the Semangit village and breakfast. Further trips to the Tekenang, hunting lake landscape photo from the top of the hill. Back to Lanjak and lunch. Then continued overland journey to the Iban village in Utik river. Hunting social life around Dayak Iban longhouse. Dinner and overnight at the Utik river.

Day 4 DAYAK IBAN TOURWake up early and having breakfast with  local people in the longhouse. Program from morning to evening is hunting in the forest hunting animals indigenous, traditional tattoos, custom clothing and other daily life. Dinner and overnight at the Utik River.

Day 5 PUTUSIBAU DEPARTUREWake up early and have breakfast in Putusibau. Transfer to the airport. Tour end.


  1. The traditional dances on the Utik river are still in the confirmation (dance costs exclude the package price)
  2. The traditional tattoo photos, can at any time for any residents there have tattoos
  3. The process of tattooing must first consent to the head of customs, because they have to adjust if there is talent at the tattoo at the time (the cost of the package outside the dance)
  4. Hunting animals will be carried out in indigenous forests, using some local residents who are accustomed talent hunt
  5. During the trip there are no staying at the hotel, our tour parties only bear the cost of staying at the homes on the lake and Dayak Iban Sentarum houses.
  6. Food adjust the availability of on-site trip
  7. We only bear the costs of the tour party talent for: 5 villagers hunt animals, 2 craftsmen woven rushes, 3 custom clothing and tattoos have become and cooking sticky rice / food cooked in bamboo.
  8. If you have any additional requests amount of talent, then the price of outside dependents tour
  9. Dance and indigenous Dayak tattoo process is exclude in the tour package.
  10. The tour did not give a guarantee of his existing Dayak perform dances and talent to make the tattoo process (but so far we will continue to confirm the to the village in order to be provided that the activity needed)