Are you Coffee Lovers ???


If you have a plan to go to Yogya….. you must be there and enjoy how rich Indonesia !!!

Bcoz Indonesia has many kind of Coffee….

Enjoy  the unique  furniture and Enjoy Indonesian Coffee

Just Feel how beautiful Toraja…. Sumatera…. Aceh….Lampung…. Bali…. Papua….

JUst Remember, it’s bcoz of our Coffee……

Nyandu Kopi….. make you a Coffee  Addict !!


“NYandu KOpi” Coffee shop

Jalan Wachid Hasyim, Condong Catur, Depok, Sleman


Phone : +6281327339099


You Also can Buy Coffee bean from us, please follow  the list below :

  1. Balinese Kintamani Coffee (Organic)   Rp. 250.000,-/Kg
  2. Toraja Sapan Coffee (Organic)   Rp. 220.000,-/Kg
  3. Flores Bajawa Coffee (Organic)   Rp. 220.000,-/Kg
  4. Mandailing Coffee (Organic)   Rp. 210.000,-/Kg
  5. Java Arabica (Organic)   Rp. 250.000,-/Kg
  6. Aceh Coffee  Rp. 225.000,-/Kg
  7. Wamena Coffee (Organic)  Rp. 300.000,-/Kg

Order please WhatsApp +6282225097470

Love Nyandu Kopi, Love Yogya at First Sight